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FTSO signal provider services on the Flare Network for our holdings and anyone that wishes to share our knowledge and experience. We specialize in the Flare and Songbird "Canary" Network and will expand our offerings as the Flare token marketplace grows.

FTSO Flare Network - delegate with innovation


Our team is always looking for the most efficient methods and latest technology to bring to the applications that we manage. With years of experience in the financial sector, blockchain, and software development - we intend to stay at the forefront of the best Flare FTSO signal providers.

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FTSO Flare Network - Delegate with Reliability


FTSO on the Flare network requires not only precision, but consistency to ensure that the algorithm makes predictions accurately every time. It is important to be make reliable predictions within the median in order to earn the highest rewards.

FTSO Flare Network Signal Provider - delegate with Stability


Flare Time Series Oracle (FTSO) is the decentralized on-chain mechanism providing time series estimates to the network. Stability is the key to FTSO success with lowest downtime and implementation of necessary backups to ensure maximum payout to delegates.

" Prices are computed based on votes associated with both FLR and F-asset addresses. Thus, signal providers might choose to also reward F-asset holders for the delegation of their votes, in order to contribute more significantly to the oracle estimates. "

" This gives rise to the potential for a a marketplace of signal providers, with various different FTSO signal providers, acting on behalf of token holders, each submitting prices according to their own methodology. Furthermore, such an ecosystem could be further leveraged by any decentralized application on Flare. "